The Message of the Eagle

Message of the Eagle

12/99 Revised 1/2K Revised May 2017

I remember the time back in the sixties
  D G
When we reached out for the stars
The challenges we met to reach our objective
  D G
Uni ted this nation of ours
Glued to our TVs at the end of that decade,
  D G
We watched as the Eagle touched down
  C G
And our hopes and our dreams were ever invested
  D G
In Apollo and the achievements now gone.


What was the message of the Eagle
What does it tell us today?
We had ventured to another world
Forgotten are the advances we made

Where are the dreams that moved a whole nation

On the eve of two thousand years?

The spark of adventure is fading away

And apathy looms that is clear.

Now is the time to rekindle that spirit

And reach for the heavens again.

One step for mankind should always remind us

We can achieve what is properly planned. {c: cho.}

Now a watered down version of a once grand plan

Has been set before us to taste

The vision we had once is lost in the shuffle

Earthbound projects have taken its place.

And the spirit we had that lifted this nation

With pride is all but gone.

And if we continue the path we now follow

Forever we'll be Terra bound. {c: cho.}

We have to continue exploring the cosmos

For vastness of space is the prize

In our quest for the stars let's always remember

The heroes who gave us their lives

For the sacrifice of few have given so many

The chance of a future so bright

Let's not forsake what they have given

And continue the flight into the night. {c: final cho.}

final cho.

What was the message of the Eagle

What does it tell us today?

We had ventured to another world

Forgotten are the advances made

What was the message of the Eagle,

What does it tell us today?

What was the message of the Eagle

It's time we bring it back to stay.

Note: Transpose up for sharps and down for flats.

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